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The Evil Bisexual:Bisexual in The Sight of TV Programs

There’s a title of a piece named “The Trope of the Evil Television Bisexual”last week published by The Atlantic.At first ,I need to say that on the whole it’s the rise of bisexuals on TV(Yay).According to the survey,almost 28 percent of the LGBT actors on TV are bisexuals.Though it’s still a small number for me ,still exciting at least.But what have I see? We bi guys are all evil on TV. So, as more and more bi-roles acted are being played on the screen, we often see those characters portrayed as morally reprehensible. This corollary is simple, and since we are attracted to women and men at the same time, we are morally unstable. We are thought to be greedy in sexual behavior, and this greed can manifest itself in other ways. So, in the mind of TV screenwriters, bisexual with these characteristics is also a candidate for a truly villainous role.
Spencer Kornhaber, author of the the Atlantic article, wrote in detail about the erotic scenes of Frank Underwood (from the house of cards). As …

Here’s Some New Ideas about Bisexuality

People don’t choose gay , straight or bisexual, but that doesn’t mean that sometimes we don’t fade out of one identity and go into another.Just like the expectation of single bi women who want to act as a lesbian when she’s attempt to date another female. It’s not necessarily a pilgrimage and a station;for some it is more like a journey with multiple destinations. You’re not going to “walk your way” somewhere; if you want, you’re somewhere, and then you’re somewhere else.But the spaces between gay and straight people camped out by many of us are often disrupted.
We must work harder to become a “queer community” and “real” members.We call it greed,confusion,or the search for attention.We can’t even agree on the universal definition of bisexual,so our identities do more to explain than easier to digest,”gay” or “lesbian”.

Things a Bi Guy Should Know Before Start College

As a bi single , when talked about my college life,things just so weird to think that almost five years ago.At that time,I just don’t know how to dress,make friends with others,and planning my life.Besides that the most unimaginable thing is my queer sexual awakening was about to begin. Things got going well after I recognized a bi man before heading to college that would have made me a nice time in college. Then I’ll share with you about the wise remark of an experienced person.
1.People may always like to give you a label gay The reality is that, if you are a bisexual men, when you're interacting with girls ,people will think you are a straight; but when you are dating guys, people tend to label you as gay.But you should keep your mindset that you know yourself better than anyone else.I never doubted that I was bisexual.
2.Some guy will pretend to be bi to make friends with you During this time I have worked very hard to eliminate the prejudice against bisexual people. I try to bre…

5 Ways to Fight in LGBT:No More Bi Erasure

It’s Bisexual Pride Daytomorrow,and now it’s may be a goog time to discuss a theme that the LGBT often neglects:bisexual erasure.In the world of LBGT,homosexual and heterosexual have biggest discourse power that it’s so difficult for people to accept other words from different type of sexual orientation.But the reality is many of us have different requirements about sexuality and we truly need start fighting for this. If you don’t have any idea about ‘bi erasure’,we can show you some information from Wikipedia:”Bisexual erasure or bisexual invisibility is a pervasive problem in which the existence or legitimacy of bisexuality (either in general or in regard to an individual) is questioned or denied outright.” Now,it’s time for our subject how to be better for the bisexual community.
You must trust that the existence of Bi Many people are actually don’t believe the existence of bisexual,they are likely to mark bisexuals as half straight or half guy.I know it’s difficult to a accept sexuali…

Some Tips about Bisexual Dating Offline

Now people all know that online bisexual dating sites must be the best way to meet bisexual singles.For the bisexual people are not as common as homosexuality and straight, we can mostly see more bisexuals online.It could indeed be authentic,bisexuals have many needs about their relationships.Some would want to start a relationship with the same sexuality because they feel that they are well accepted. In addition to bisexual dating sites and other places, bisexual people can easily access places in the real world. This place can give me a chance, bisexual interaction and enjoy company, they are in the same shoes.
Bar In the real world, there is a bisexual. These bars are swarming with bisexual people who would like to either side or just want to relax and relax with the same sex. If you want to avoid crowded bars for bisexual people, this is the best day when people are not flocking to bars to visit it. In this way, you can enjoy the friendly atmosphere with other bisexual people. sports …

Sorry, I'm Bisexual

Although I don't think there's anything wrong with bisexual people, that identity can really cause some trouble at some time. I can't write stories. I'm just a porter for stories. In one community, I stumbled upon a question: "Do you regret the identity of bisexual people sometimes?"Then I got a story. He was talking to me privately. So when I got his permission, I sorted out his story and used another name "Mr Bee" as his name. Bee had thought he was a straight man, and all the heterosexual as he found a beautiful girlfriend. He will be generous with his girlfriend's photo Po on the social network, riding a bike ride her home town, holding her hand, walking in the busy streets, or to participate in the friends of the BBQ. He liked the girl so much that he could not stop and miss her. Bee even wants to get married with the girl in front of him, have a bunch of lovely kids, and spend a life in a quiet little town. He believes he can do all of this…

The Top 10 Bisexual Animals in The Animal World You don't Know

In the human world, the existence of bisexual groups has been very long, and many records have been recorded since ancient times. The number of bisexual people has also increased considerably, and a variety of dating sites have been springing up. But do you know what animals in the animal kingdom are bisexual? Next we will introduce these lovely animals to you. 1.Chimpanzee As the closest animals to human relationships, chimpanzee's almost peaceful creatures are bisexual. Their favorite motto should be "make love, not war."". They have a high frequency of mating and are unbridled in mating, similar to humans, and they also have same-sex mating behavior. Most notably, about 2/3 of homosexual sex occurs between females.

2.Macaque Female macaques seem to be more likely to integrate into a closely related pair, and are monogamous, for a period of time when a female macaque has only one same-sex partner. However, during a breeding season, a female may have sex with several c…

Have You Ever had Any Biphobic around You?

Have you ever met a bisexual phobic person in your life? This kind of person has a special fear, discrimination or hatred towards bisexual people, and they are especially sensitive to bisexual. You can easily become aware of being bisexual if you are around them. Some people say that biphobic should be associated with homophobic or heterophobic, but this is neither scientific nor sufficient evidence to support it. The stereotype of a bisexual phobic person is only for bisexual people. The stereotypes include hybridization, multiple partners, group work, and confusion. Bisexual is also accused of sexually transmitted sexually transmitted into heterosexual or gay community, which undoubtedly makes bisexual people in the LGBT community has been a lot of discrimination. Another stereotype is that bisexual people go to bed with anyone, a particularly promiscuous and depraved crowd. In addition, homophobia will consider bisexual eventually because another of other groups and leave the sex, t…

Girls are More Likely to Be Labeled as Bisexual

It’s actually general truth for everyone that girls are more likely to have bisexual tendency.The Office of National Statistics has released its latest data on sexual identities in the UK,and the result was curious,but not surprising. The number of young people identifying as bisexual has risen by 45% over the last three years.The girl are certified as bisexual(about 0.8%) more than lesbian(about 0.7%),while men are more likely to report as gay(1.6%) than bisexual(0.5%).That result is the same as other studies in the UK and the US.But why could this happen? Women have been historically low in status, and in most countries, they are hardly able to live a good life. Women's sexuality is also more likely to be denied and demonized, and special ways, especially lesbian behavior, are perceived as a direct challenge to the patriarchal structure. Under this pressure, women tend to be bisexual to protect themselves rather than simply homosexual. It also explains why the number of bi-women a…