Things a Bi Guy Should Know Before Start College

As a bi single , when talked about my college life,things just so weird to think that almost five years ago.At that time,I just dont know how to dress,make friends with others,and planning my life.Besides that the most unimaginable thing is my queer sexual awakening was about to begin.
Things got going well after I recognized a bi man before heading to college that would have made me a nice time in college.
Then Ill share with you about the wise remark of an experienced person.

1.People may always like to give you a label gay
The reality is that, if you are a bisexual men, when you're interacting with girls ,people will think you are a straight; but when you are dating guys, people tend to label you as gay.But you should keep your mindset that you know yourself better than anyone else.I never doubted that I was bisexual.

2.Some guy will pretend to be bi to make friends with you
During this time I have worked very hard to eliminate the prejudice against bisexual people. I try to break up the big guys and think that bisexual is not a legal or stable sexual orientation. That's what gay people use when they're too nervous to come out, so they're bisexual. Obviously, this is not the case for all gay or bisexual people. But for many people, it is. You will no doubt satisfy the gay guys using double gaytown road access. It's good for them to have date with single bi women, but it doesn't make any sense to you. You're still bisexual?.

3.Try to accommodate yourselves to the first couple of times
I didn't say "aha" at the moment as I looked forward to it. I think I will date a man that all the fog will disappear, I will first see clearly. This is not the case about bi chat room I put too much pressure on me to go to bed with a man for the first time. So I can't let myself enjoy it. This may take a few times until you really let yourself love and seduce men.

4.Cherish the people who can accept you
Especially when you're trying to figure out your sexual orientation or just come out, find someone who understands what you're going through. You don't want to explain every emotion, there is bisexual phobia is true, it's how you like the attraction, men and women seem to switch daily. Find someone who accepts you, admit that you are contemplating yourself, and accept that you are attracted by a variety of genders.

5.Be a muddle headed person sometimes
I always struggle to know exactly what I am or what I want. As an anxious person, he needs to "get" everything, it can be said that it is difficult to completely let himself. Sex is complex; to be honest, no one can fully understand it. Definitely not in college, but even out.

6.Make mistakes but get more
Probe into. Make a mistake. I used to have a friend who always said, "suck a dick, you know?"" What else can you do besides College?" The answer to this question is always yes, but I agree with him. You can play there.


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