The Top 10 Bisexual Animals in The Animal World You don't Know

In the human world, the existence of bisexual groups has been very long, and many records have been recorded since ancient times. The number of bisexual people has also increased considerably, and a variety of dating sites have been springing up. But do you know what animals in the animal kingdom are bisexual? Next we will introduce these lovely animals to you.
As the closest animals to human relationships, chimpanzee's almost peaceful creatures are bisexual. Their favorite motto should be "make love, not war."". They have a high frequency of mating and are unbridled in mating, similar to humans, and they also have same-sex mating behavior. Most notably, about 2/3 of homosexual sex occurs between females.

Female macaques seem to be more likely to integrate into a closely related pair, and are monogamous, for a period of time when a female macaque has only one same-sex partner. However, during a breeding season, a female may have sex with several couples. Male macaques also have homosexuality, but they leave each other immediately after mating, just like a one night stand in human society.

Giraffe is also a common bisexual animal. Before mating, both males lean their long necks against each other and begin to act in intimate ways. This kind of act of love sometimes lasts for an hour. Studies show that one out of every 20 giraffe couples show this kind of intimacy to same-sex couples. In many cases, giraffe, though bisexual, would prefer the opposite sex, but more likely to be homosexual.

4.Bottle-nose dolphin
For bottle-nose dolphins, the frequency of same-sex mating is almost the same as for the opposite sex. Male bottle-nose dolphins are generally bisexual, but they will all experience a period of complete homosexuality.

Bisexual tendency is also common among male bison, and even male same-sex mating is more common than heterosexual mating, mainly because females mate with males only once a year. In mating season, males sometimes mate with the same sex several times a day. About 55% of young males have experienced same-sex mating. Can I imagine how many of them are coerced?

During the breeding season, some male antelopes mate with each other several times an hour. During courtship, the pursuit will snuck up behind of the same sex and then lift the forehoof, the other male clip to the body, start mating foreplay.

During the mating season, about 20% Swan couples are made up of homosexuality. About 1/4 of the swan family, a couple of gay couples, will remain there for many years. Sometimes a pair of males will find a female to mate with. When the female lays eggs, the gay father will poppens away, then their eggs. Can we say that this animal actually prefers homosexuality?

Male walruses don't mature until they are four. Prior to this, they only knew homosexual intercourse. A slightly older male walrus is a typical bisexual animal, who is mated to the same sex for the rest of the year except during the breeding season. They hug each other in the water, the belly rub together, or even sleep together.

9.Guyana rock chicken
The feather colored birds whose males are especially fond of bisexual. About 40% of all male Guyana rock chickens have bisexual tendencies, but some male Guyana rock chickens have never mated with the opposite sex in their lives.

10.Gray whale
In the gray whale world, bisexual is also very common. In addition to mating time and mating with the opposite sex , in certain groups, sometimes as many as 5 male whale huddled together, rubbing each other with the abdomen, so that they can come into contact with the genitals.


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