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To Recognized the Effect of Biphobia and Bi-Erasure on Your Life

Life can always be so difficult for our bi friends just like Americans can’t always get their favorite Szechuan sauce from McDonalds. It's often necessary to recognize reality, for example, my single bisexual dating program is often disturbed by all sorts of situations, though I'm not single anymore. In order to get the life I want, I've overcome many difficulties, and now I'm still cutting the thorns on this road. Please forgive me to digress, now I will tell some stories of my Bi friends, hope that may give you some inspiration or help.
Sansa,16 It’s normal for her to experience as not being straight at her age, cause most of the things they know and understand isn’t taken seriously by older guys. Things are normal to be suspected of identity and sexual orientation, but it is off normal for Sansa to be certified as anything but ‘normal’ - whatever that means. “The relaxed use of negative stereotypes when it comes to bisexuality aids to the biphobia that runs quite deeply…

A Bisexual Student Paid a High Price after Criticized Radical Islam

Some people said that the tongue is the root of all chaos.Though I don't think so, but I have to say that part of it is true. The next topic is a real event about our bisexual people. Alfred MacDonald, who is a bisexual boy, the student at University of Texas. He told his fellow students that “in some countries,gay people are executed in the name of Islam.” I’d say it’s really dangerous, folks. The result is that MacDonald has been transferred out of University of Texas-San Antonio. He thought this is extremely unreasonable, he should have the right to freedom of speech, and he was actually put out a statement of the facts. He felt very dissatisfied with the school's handling, “A disregard for truthseeking principles from a philosopher is something that should not be tolerated by people who care about the truth,” MacDonald said in an email. “Truthseeking disciplines like philosophy and science establish the infrastructure of truth for everyone else to use. Logic itself came from…