To Recognized the Effect of Biphobia and Bi-Erasure on Your Life

Life can always be so difficult for our bi friends just like Americans cant always get their favorite Szechuan sauce from McDonalds. It's often necessary to recognize reality, for example, my single bisexual dating program is often disturbed by all sorts of situations, though I'm not single anymore. In order to get the life I want, I've overcome many difficulties, and now I'm still cutting the thorns on this road.
Please forgive me to digress, now I will tell some stories of my Bi friends, hope that may give you some inspiration or help.

Its normal for her to experience as not being straight at her age, cause most of the things they know and understand isnt taken seriously by older guys. Things are normal to be suspected of identity and sexual orientation, but it is off normal for Sansa to be certified as anything but normal - whatever that means.
The relaxed use of negative stereotypes when it comes to bisexuality aids to the biphobia that runs quite deeply within society. The whole idea of you simply being bisexual because it doubles your chance of a date is narrow-minded and harmful, when in fact, youre simply just attracted to someone, regardless of gender. said by Sansa.
A handsome American Uncle who was growing up in the 1980s.Bisexual is so invisible that in the 80s, he hardly knew that bisexual existed. When he was young, he liked boys and girls, but he knew he wasn't gay. Until then, he met a number of bisexual communities and dating sites on the Internet, which immediately realized that he was bisexual. There is a banality that bisexuals are confused but it was actually when bisexuality became visible to me that I realised I was bi and my confusion vanished completely. Visibility is vital. Dean said.
In Dean's view, bisexual erasure seems like a small problem, but it's one of the reasons for bi-invisibility. And according to some reports, bisexual people have higher probability of anxiety, depression, self harm and suicide than heterosexual, gay and lesbian. Dean believes that Twitter's censorship of pictures and videos has made it increasingly difficult for young people today.
“we need that. Bi+ people, particularly women, deal with extremely high levels of sexual violence and mental health issues and only about 28% of bi/pan people ever feel safe enough to come out to their friends and family.” Danielle said.
It was many years after she came out to her family and friends, she had been challenged by her family, which confused her. Until we became friends, I suggested to her, "why don't you have a bisexual date with somebody?" She agreed, and then we had countless conversations on a bisexual dating APP. You won't believe she's now my wife. "I really know what is Bi now, its not about genders.Its you! You are the noor of my eyes and the Sultan of my heart." she said.
Some names were changed to protect the individuals identity.


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