Dear Straight Guys ,Don’t Ask What Kind of Girl Do I Like Again

Today is a rainy day , just as my feeling after been asked what kinds of girls are you into  during the lunch with my colleagues . My colleagues are no doubt 100% straight guys, and they thought I was a straight too. No one would have thought that I was actually a single bisexual man, until today they saw me writing a story about bi. So I came out to my colleagues.
This happened, and they began to look at me with a kind of hate that I hated, and then asked the question curiously. It's a nasty feeling I've ever met before, and when people know Im bisexual, they always look at me like that and ask me some weird questions in that curious tone. "Are you really bisexual?""Do you only like single bisexual girls ?" "Do you like men or women now?" Their countless questions were just going to make me go crazy. Fuck the questions! Fuck the answers! Every time I wished there's a hole on the ground that I can hide inside. Is there a hole here? No, So I only stared at them in cold eyes, and it worked, and no one could stare at my eyes and say a word within 2 minutes.

It's strange that people's focus is always strikingly similar, for example, men always want to know what kind of women I like, and women want to know what kind of men I like. As a single bi man, I know that I can't fight the world only because of my dissatisfaction. All I can do is try to explain as easily as possible after the event: man is OK and woman is OK, that I have no difference with their aesthetics. Of course, in order not to explain to them one by one , and in order not to see that uncomfortable eyes, I edited the text message and used the group function.
If you encounter in a straight, you don't need to explain too much, do not easily change their experiences and concerns. They will never stand in your side, if they do, it is want you to help them hook up through your gender and sexuality. I ll not talk about women with you stranger unless I know you (the real you I think) . I could do it with my family , my best friend ,my partner for I actually know them .
So dear strange straight , do not talk about women with me . What youd got can only be my Sharp eyes .


  1. I wish I knew you. Your articles are educational and very insightful. I don’t know that I’m fully bi, but I do swing that way sexually. If it feels good, do it is how I think. It would be nice to learn from you as I’m not really out about it since it’s mostly easy to hide, sex is usually in private and I don’t just let everyone know because of judge mental people. Anyhow, thank you for writing your articles.


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