Girls are More Likely to Be Labeled as Bisexual

Its actually general truth for everyone that girls are more likely to have bisexual tendency.The Office of National Statistics has released its latest data on sexual identities in the UK,and the result was curious,but not surprising.
The number of young people identifying as bisexual has risen by 45% over the last three years.The girl are certified as bisexual(about 0.8%) more than lesbian(about 0.7%),while men are more likely to report as gay(1.6%) than bisexual(0.5%).That result is the same as other studies in the UK and the US.But why could this happen?
Women have been historically low in status, and in most countries, they are hardly able to live a good life. Women's sexuality is also more likely to be denied and demonized, and special ways, especially lesbian behavior, are perceived as a direct challenge to the patriarchal structure. Under this pressure, women tend to be bisexual to protect themselves rather than simply homosexual. It also explains why the number of bi-women are more than lesbians. And studies of female sexuality have shown that women are more gentle with women than men.

There is, of course, a common question about how important the sex labels to people -- things get interesting here.
Of the young people between 16 and 24 years old, 1.8% said they were labeled "bisexual" - for the first time, more than 1.5% were identified as bi-women or bi-men. The percentage of young people identified as LGB accounted for 3.3% of the total, and the proportion of people who have accounted for 1.7% has been considered a high percentage.
There is a pessimistic view that more and more young people are being identified as bisexual rather than gay or lesbian. This situation represents the stubborn, conservative people's sexual statements dominate. This may be related to people's attitudes towards sex, and investing in bisexual is better than investing in homosexuality. After all, bisexual people still have a heterosexual relationship in people's minds.
Although there were many homophobic and bisexual haters in society in the past, people's thoughts were no longer rigid as people became more and more open-minded. All this has improved the situation in the LGB community, and at least the country has more support in policy. Under the influence of so many favorable factors, the younger generation prefers bisexual, lesbian and gay labels to the older generation of bisexual people. Even stars such as Angelina Julie, Cara, Delevigne, and Anna Paquin are not afraid of coming out as bisexual in recent years.


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