Sorry, I'm Bisexual

Although I don't think there's anything wrong with bisexual people, that identity can really cause some trouble at some time. I can't write stories. I'm just a porter for stories. In one community, I stumbled upon a question: "Do you regret the identity of bisexual people sometimes?"Then I got a story. He was talking to me privately. So when I got his permission, I sorted out his story and used another name "Mr Bee" as his name.
Bee had thought he was a straight man, and all the heterosexual as he found a beautiful girlfriend. He will be generous with his girlfriend's photo Po on the social network, riding a bike ride her home town, holding her hand, walking in the busy streets, or to participate in the friends of the BBQ. He liked the girl so much that he could not stop and miss her. Bee even wants to get married with the girl in front of him, have a bunch of lovely kids, and spend a life in a quiet little town. He believes he can do all of this, and the fact that he was going to come up with the money to buy their own house.
Bee finally failed to be with his girlfriend. They broke up. He's a bisexual man, and his girlfriend knows about it. Anxiety grew in their relationship so that his girlfriend could not stand the life and made a breakup.

The next time, Bee meets a favorite boy. This time, he is still paying his all, showing his love to the boy at all times. Bee is thinner and a poor student. In order to make his favorite boy accept himself, Bee goes jogging and fitness every day. He also takes the time to work hard to earn money, only when he is able to pay for his appointment. But in fact, things aren't as beautiful as Bee expected. The boy is very concerned about the opinions of the people around him. Whenever Bee wants to kiss him, he avoids it. When Bee goes to hold his hand, he also makes an excuse to refuse.
Bee has finally become a bisexual single, and he's sorry he was born bisexual. He can't give his boyfriend or girlfriend a sense of security because his country does not support bisexual. His ex girlfriend saw him with the same sex and sent him a text message. "I didn't lose to love, but I lost to sex."". When he was with his ex girlfriend, his girlfriend was always worried that the whole world would be her rival. No matter who is right or wrong, Bee does not blame anyone, although he has paid for all two of his feelings. "Maybe it's just because I was in the wrong place, at the wrong time and fell in love with the wrong person," explains Bee.
The story of Bee is not designed to diminish the existence of androgyny, but to make more people know how difficult it is for many other bisexual people to survive. Although we have achieved a lot of success today, there are still more territories to be opened up, otherwise Bee's experience will only be met by more people.


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