5 Ways to Fight in LGBT:No More Bi Erasure

Its Bisexual Pride Day tomorrow,and now its may be a goog time to discuss a theme that the LGBT often neglects:bisexual erasure.In the world of LBGT,homosexual and heterosexual have biggest discourse power that its so difficult for people to accept other words from different type of sexual orientation.But the reality is many of us have different requirements about sexuality and we truly need start fighting for this.
If you dont have any idea about bi erasure,we can show you some information from Wikipedia:”Bisexual erasure or bisexual invisibility is a pervasive problem in which the existence or legitimacy of bisexuality (either in general or in regard to an individual) is questioned or denied outright.”
Now,its time for our subject how to be better for the bisexual community.

You must trust that the existence of Bi
Many people are actually dont believe the existence of bisexual,they are likely to mark bisexuals as half straight or half guy.I know its difficult to a accept sexuality out of your mind.But just try to ignore the thing you dont know is also a very foolish action.
You can't deny his bisexual status from a relationship with someone
Its easy to understand the title that bisexual singles may have date with any gender they like,but they are still they not anyone else(straight or guy).The world is so beautiful in the sight of bisexual people that they can just pay attention to the perfect one no matter what sexuality he is .
Stop framing bisexual people is sexual promiscuity
Undeniable is some bisexual truly have these labels,but its not fair to accuse all bisexual people just for a few of them.According to the survey most of the bisexual people will choose to maintain a one to one relationship at certain period.Even if they want to experience a different sexual passion, they ask for their partner's agreement.
The relationship of bisexual dont have the statement top or bottom now
Bisexual people will not identify themselves as top or bottom.The fact is that a bisexual man will always keep himself do things as men,but sometimes to be a little spoon is really a interesting experience.
Promote bisexual popularity
To boost popularity, the best way is to get more people to know about bisexual people through a variety of social media campaigns. The works of bisexual, celebrity and bisexual writers can help to discover the bisexuals in real life.


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