Here’s Some New Ideas about Bisexuality

People dont choose gay , straight or bisexual, but that doesnt mean that sometimes we dont fade out of one identity and go into another.Just like the expectation of single bi women who want to act as a lesbian when shes attempt to date another female. Its not necessarily a pilgrimage and a station;for some it is more like a journey with multiple destinations. Youre not going to walk your way somewhere; if you want, youre somewhere, and then youre somewhere else.But the spaces between gay and straight people camped out by many of us are often disrupted.

We must work harder to become a queer community and real members.We call it greed,confusion,or the search for attention.We cant even agree on the universal definition of bisexual,so our identities do more to explain than easier to digest,gay or lesbian.
A silly stereotype is that we are not what we say ,before going out ,gay or straight, bisexual people are in a hell of a personality. This makes bisexual just a phase of harmful cues,with your long-term partners gender determining your real identity.
But we know its not the style of working it does.we dont want to say that bisexuals will be the right thing you should do.Hey dude! Why would you be attracted to both man and women? And even some of you may like threesome dating,thinking its a perfect sexuality experience.Abandon yourself to your sexual drive can just make you degenerate under the desire of indescribable evil.Though I dont mean to advise you to be abstinent,but youd better follow my word.
I hope not. Being part of a community means giving the other a bi chat room to grow and change, even if it means that you have settled down as a family. I am bisexual content, and very confident, I will always, but I can not predict the future. If I changed my identity, I hope the two of my colleagues, my queer community and my direct allies will see neither I nor exception rules, but as an understanding of their own people. I'm not going to be erased by the past.


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