Have You Ever had Any Biphobic around You?

Have you ever met a bisexual phobic person in your life? This kind of person has a special fear, discrimination or hatred towards bisexual people, and they are especially sensitive to bisexual. You can easily become aware of being bisexual if you are around them. Some people say that biphobic should be associated with homophobic or heterophobic, but this is neither scientific nor sufficient evidence to support it. The stereotype of a bisexual phobic person is only for bisexual people.
The stereotypes include hybridization, multiple partners, group work, and confusion. Bisexual is also accused of sexually transmitted sexually transmitted into heterosexual or gay community, which undoubtedly makes bisexual people in the LGBT community has been a lot of discrimination. Another stereotype is that bisexual people go to bed with anyone, a particularly promiscuous and depraved crowd. In addition, homophobia will consider bisexual eventually because another of other groups and leave the sex, they are easy. Whereas heterosexuals fear that bisexual people collude with heterosexuals in order to maintain their privileges. Of course, there are others who think that there is no real bisexual in the world, and only single sex, which is a stereotype.
Bisexuals march at Pride in London
But as my earlier article puts it, "bisexual people are in their own time.". The growing number of star icons, who have come out of the closet to be bisexual, and the establishment of a number of bisexual societies and bisexual demonstrations, has given the group more and more respect and support. But you might not think of the potential dangers of bisexual phobias, and here I have to mention one thing about my junior high school classmate and good friend Bob.
When we were in junior high school together, I found out that Bob might be a bisexual man. Because he was in the hands of a girlfriend, but also like a classmate of the boys, the boy is the most handsome boy in our class. Because Bob and I were friends at the same table, he told me all these things quietly, and hoped I could keep the secret for him. What a wicked love affair! That's what I thought at that time. Yes, I am the conservative one mentioned earlier, and this is intolerable in my stereotype.
I made a thing that I regret so far, and that's why I change my mind and support it. I stole Bob's notebook and came to the platform to judge Bob's crimes like a judge. I read his diary in earnest. There was a lot of love and confusion about him. He ran out of his face, and so far I could not see him again. But I can imagine his fears, his grief, and his despair, after I betrayed him.
I hurt Bob, which may have been a nightmare for him all his life, and my nightmare as well. I want the bisexual horror people to understand that do not advocating your wrong ideas, not only for the bisexual, but also for your next generation, and for the damage to human civilization.


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