The Evil Bisexual:Bisexual in The Sight of TV Programs

Theres a title of a piece named The Trope of the Evil Television Bisexuallast week published by The Atlantic.At first ,I need to say that on the whole its the rise of bisexuals on TV(Yay).According to the survey,almost 28 percent of the LGBT actors on TV are bisexuals.Though its still a small number for me ,still exciting at least.But what have I see? We bi guys are all evil on TV.
So, as more and more bi-roles acted are being played on the screen, we often see those characters portrayed as morally reprehensible. This corollary is simple, and since we are attracted to women and men at the same time, we are morally unstable. We are thought to be greedy in sexual behavior, and this greed can manifest itself in other ways. So, in the mind of TV screenwriters, bisexual with these characteristics is also a candidate for a truly villainous role.

Spencer Kornhaber, author of the the Atlantic article, wrote in detail about the erotic scenes of Frank Underwood (from the house of cards). As Korhaber wrote in the book, Frank's "bisexual" is a man who has only detailed descriptions to enrich an inner life, and can even get what he wants by betrayal and bribery." He also cited the annual report of the 2015 edition of the GLAAD content, the last emperor of a plot to lure the members of Congress and threatened him to help the queen; Robot Tyrell is one in order to install spyware and his sleeping guy in the male assistant mobile phone; and Chamberlain Milus Corbett in the FX of the traitors bastard executioner a way of his sex scandal has been described as his exercise of power."
At the time, I didn't think about anything. I'm just happy to see some bi singles on TV. After reading Kornhaber's piece, I know what a terrible thing it is. They are vampires, luring, torturing and killing people, so they must be bis? They have abnormal sexual desires, so they must be bisexual? They're greedy narcissists, so they're certainly double? I'm BI, and I don't agree with these stereotypes, but for me, they're BI. That makes perfect sense. In fact, if they're completely direct, I'll think, um, that's unrealistic, and they must be BI.
So, I ask you to the big Hollywood producer, please write a single bi women role performance, they are not evil, not confused, not suffered from sexual abuse, there is no use of his to play his strength. Let's make a story about a cute, tall bisexual boy who is struggling to find someone who loves and cherishes him. I'd love to. Besides, who doesn't want to see it?


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