Some Random Thought on Bi Dates:Tell Me More About You

My youth time was fated to leave me and I could just look at its distant figure.When I come out as bi guys at my 35 , I think its time to find my true love now.Time doesn't kill my enthusiasm. I know I'm going into a whole new world. I'll spend a lot of time understanding it, and really understanding myself.
People of my age already have a lot of things. I've seen many strange things, but sex is still something I don't know. So after three months of thinking, I chose to come out to my family.Then at next time, I plan to find local bisexuals .I know all about customs ,only bis can comprehend what bisexuals thought.Everything is difficult at first,and I cant see any bi gathering organization the same as gay club in my town.Then I came to the internet for help, its really amazing that when I see so many social groups online for our bisexuals.
Its a sunny day in the morning,I encountered a special man in the park.He had a slender physique filled with strength with sword-like eyebrows and star-like eyes, possessing an angular face filled with confidence.An odd atmosphere rises in my heart and I know he may be the one Ive waited for long time.Yes,I have a bi date that day.So some word came to my lips though I cant told to him:You are the noor of my eyes and the sultan of my heart.
So I proposed an idea that we go for afternoon tea.He accept my invitation and a nice day it was. Then its over.Is there anybody reading my article ? I think maybe no one.OK,next is the real random thought now. I threw out my idea directly: "would you like to marry me?" I'm not gay. I can't promise that I love you only. Of course, you can fall in love with someone else, but only women. In any case, I'll always love you."
Finally I Failed, and I was exhausted by these fucking troubles after that. No one like the feeling of loneliness, but Im already used to loneliness during the first half of my life.Behind every trail and sorrow that he makes us shoulder,God has a reason.Im bi,and I will tell you,only for the right one.


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