Bella Thorne Gives Reason Why Most Bi Guys Date More Men Than Women

Do you know the famous actress&singer Bella Thorne ? Now well talked about the star who came out as bisexual last year.As one of the bi guys ,she gets super candid about the annoyance when it comes to dating other girls.
We all know that Thorne has never been shy about her sexuality , and the actress , whos actually a bisexual woman talked openly about the difference between dating men and women in an interview with StyleCaster ."I don't want to make a move, and then you be like, "Whoa, girl. Not what I was thinking, I don't roll that way.' Then it's so awkward," she told StyleCaster. "So I end up usually dating more guys, because with guys, I know if a guy's hitting me up. They're not just texting me to be my bestie. I know they want something, of some sort."
"It's so hard," Thorne told StyleCaster. "I can't tell if a girl is trying to be best friends with me or if she wants to get with me or if she just wants social media followers." The simplest answer is often the correct one.Not only for stars but also our usual dating of bi men or bi women , you may also meet these challenge in reality life.According to a early coverage , many bisexuals say that its easier to date with men than women .It seems that dating bi men could be the mostly right choice for our bi guys. But why it is like this?
Through my careful investigation and interviews, I came to an astonishing conclusion --- there are
quite a few bisexual women are disguised by lesbians . So you can easily understand the reason why bi men may be hardly have date with bi girls and bi women may be hesitate to date with bi women.Anyway they just want girls not boys and they just like women not men .But we know act as bi women will help them avoid a lot of trouble from the people around them and meet their needs.
Thats really uncomfortable feeling for me though I can understand what they do . Regardless of whether youre interested in a guy or a girl , its better to be straightforward about your true sexual orientation . Cheating is always bad, and people always pay for their actions.


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