She Fell in Love with Two People at the Same Time: She was Really Bisexual

Her name is Marie, 28, and live in Florida. We are neighbors, we often play together in childhood, and we have a very good relationship. I still remember when we played house, she said she would marry me as her adult. But when we went to college and left home for different states, I didn't know anything about her.
I thought I would never have met her again, but when I was playing phone games in the coffeehouse a year ago, she appeared again in front of me. "Hi! It's really you! How are you recently?" She looks very happy. We spent the afternoon happily and left each other contact information. I was so happy to meet my old friend again, and I checked her FB record out of curiosity. But it really surprised me. She fell in love with one of her classmates and the one was a girl.

All this showed that she was a lesbian, and I was a little upset when I understood that. I don't understand why she became so, and I even expected her."Alan, we have a camping plan.Would you like to come and play with us!" The second week after that, Marie called me up to invite me.But when I came here,I find that there were only three of us here.Besides two of us, there is a pretty girl, that is Marie's girlfriend. The two of them have a very good relationship and often do some intimate interaction together. I sat watching them talking and plugging in a few words. We talked until 10 p.m. before we went to our respective tent for a rest. The fright spread out at night, and when I slept in a daze, a shadow crept into my tent. "Alan, are you awake?" She said, looking closely at me, then went on. "You know what?" Actually, I've always loved you, and you don't know how happy I am when I see you. But I love Alice too. I really don't know what to tell you." I woke up when she said the first sentence, and when she finished, I could not hold myself any longer. I didn't say a word, but got up and hugged her and kissed her. I didn't want to think about anything. I just wanted to explore our sexuality. A passionate and wonderful night passed like this.
I love Marie, and I know it's hard for my family to accept that dating attractive bi-woman. I'm not bisexual, I'm a heterosexual supporter, but it doesn't matter when I fall in love with Marie. Now, we live happily together, and Marie's girlfriend accepts our relationship.
Meeting bisexuals is a wonderful experience. As long as your relationship is based on love, there is no problem.


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