I Took Him as My Brother, But He Tried to Fuck Me

The article is about a story of my friend who wants to ask me if he is a bisexual man. I knew the answer to this question when I heard his story. Next, I'll tell his story in the first person.
It happened when I was in college, when I was watching the European Cup in my dorm room. It was with a couple of roommates, but one of them was not interested and went out to drink. But I do not like to drink, stay in the dormitory to continue to see, and at the same time left behind there is a boy next door dormitory. The game was really boring and we started talking. As men, we naturally talk about women and the techniques of lovemaking, such as finding sensitive spots and the like. Then he asked me if my sensitive point was tit. I firmly rejected his words, and I told him that my girlfriend had tried it and there was nothing special about it. He did not believe it and touched my nipples directly. Then I took his hand away. Oh, my God! My body was excited when he touched me! I always thought I was a real heterosexual. How could I be interested in men?. I looked him in the eye and told me he must be gay. I feel the hairs stand up, am I bisexual?
Do you like me?
I also took pictures of my girlfriend and masturbating myself to make sure I didn't suddenly become gay. I told myself it was only an accident, and I'm sure I wouldn't be interested in men and women. Later, however, I realized that I might be wrong. In the second week, we had a party, the members are more familiar with the students. We all had a good time. Although I didn't like to drink, I couldn't help my friend's enthusiasm. I drank a lot. After that, I was drunk unconscious after the meeting, friends are going to go to KTV to sing, but I have drunk let a person take me back to the dormitory. This guy is just the guy before. That night, he didn't take me back to the dorm, but he went to the hotel. I seem to have a dream, to explore my sexuality with my girlfriend in a dream. You should have guessed, the dream is true, but the one is not my girlfriend. I slept with a man all night!
That's what my friend probably did, but he said he didn't know why he didn't hate that gay , but he often looked back from time to time on that night's experience and the man. Meanwhile, he was still in love with his girlfriend,he suspected he might have bisexual tendency, but didn't want to change his chain of relationships.
I told him seriously that he should be bi-curious, but bisexual doesn't mean to keep in touch with two people at the same time. Love needs concentration. I wrote his story, in order to let more people who have similar puzzles with him can find out their own position, and harvest their own perfect love.


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