Dare you Reveal that You're Bisexual?

Do you dare to tell her that you are bisexual when you are dealing with your girlfriend? Recently, a singer named Carter answered the question. Aaron Carter almost collapsed on Monday, when he talked about being misunderstood and misinterpreted by his girlfriend, after coming out to be bisexual.
The singer, 29, explained how he had been positive during the difficult times at Z100 Morning Show. He thanked people who supported him and the ones who didn't because they inspired him.
I came out about my history and said Im attracted to men and women equally. I just cant live a lie anymore. Its hypocrisy, even the ones that claim they love you will let you down, he said.When I revealed my truth to her, she left me. She didnt accept what I was going to say, and she left me. Now Im just trying to do what I have to do, he continued.Carter is an honest man, and he is not willing to deceive himself. He really loved his ex girlfriend, Parke, and even wrote a song for her---"sooner or later". Shed tears to show his new song.

When you find out that you are bisexual, why don't you express it? You may face a lot of criticism and ignorance, especially when it comes from your relatives and friends or your current partner. Explore your sexuality, find attractive bisexual singles, feel your bisexual passion, and enjoy an intimate relationship. This sincere expression is not only easier for you to live without lying, but also to be able to face your feelings correctly with your current partner, so that both sides will not continue to be hurt.
Everyone has the right to pursue happiness. If reality makes you miserable, why don't you change it? Androgyny is a natural trait. If you are bisexual, find your community as quickly as possible. In your community, you will really understand yourself and find the emotional sustenance you want. Similar sites like Bicupid.com are professional websites for bisexual people. A bisexual person is still a minority in your life, and you may not be able to meet any of the bisexual people around you, only on such a special website. So, what are you waiting for?


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