Bisexual Male and Bisexual Female:Come Out or Not?

This is the universal question most of bisexual singles may struggling with.Whether you choose to tell your family or not to tell, it's all reasonable.
When you choose not to come out, there are four reasons for your peace of mind.
1. Your parents are very old, not as young as they are, and most of them have conservative ideas. You are afraid that when you tell them you are a bisexual men or women, they will find it difficult to argue with you and thus affect your health. You want to pursue your happiness, but you also love your parents.
2. When they know it, their lives will be filled with worries. They are your parents, and they will care about everything you do. That is, they accept the fact that you are bi-men or bi-women and that they will still worry about whether your life is going well, and whether it will cause problems in your social relationship. And you don't want them to worry about you, and what you want to give them is happiness.
3. Even when you try to ask your parents, they show a tolerance toward bisexual people, for they don't concern them. But when this happens to their children, they may become particularly uncomfortable and worried

4. Never say anything if you have a Christian or other religion in your home! No religious doctrine will support bisexual, your parents will not only oppose you, but also bring people from church to advise you. In a word, it will bring you great trouble. Youll never want to see this.
When you choose to come out,there are plenty of reasons too.
1.First of all, your parents must be the ones who care about you the most. If you are not careful to show unusual things on some minor matters, they will become aware and worried about what is happening to you.
2.Even if you don't tell them you're bisexual, they may know or accidentally meet your bisexual dating friends in other people's mouths. Rather than let them know in these ways, you might as well tell them personally, which will make you appear more honest and respectful.
3.Although you may fear the problems that come out of the closet, such as your classmates will taunt you, your teachers and parents treat you differently, your friends don't understand you. But when you say it, you will find that you have opened a new world for yourself. When you come out of the closet, the hidden bisexual will see you and become your new partner. And you will find that not everyone is against bisexual, but many people will praise you for your bravery. Although your parents may not support it, you will gradually accept the fact. If you don't try, you never know you can get more.


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